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(216)Kleopatra Occults Hip54599

Positive from Corfu (Greece) – 2.97 sec

14:58 UT

Vasilis Metallinos was the first person who was “touched” by the shadow of (216) Kleopatra.

The star disappeared at 01:06:43 UT for 2.97 seconds.

Congratulations to Vasilis!

Last Prediction Profile of (216) Kleopatra in progress Donnerstag, März 19th, 201510:05 UTA list of all positive and negative observations and the profile is available at Eric Frappa’s From “Occult Watcher”:Nine stations reported a “Clouded out” and therefore are not included at the list of stations had technical problems. Unfortunately all of these stations were inside the real path. Many thanks to all observers who joined the team for observing this great event!Oliver KlösIOTA-ES


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