Hi, I'm Vasilis Metallinos,  welcome to Corfu Nightscapes
I've been stargazing and astrophotographing the last two decades,  love to stay out the nights under the stars
Follow me to a journey around the Unirvese and into the scapes of the Mediterranean, come with me and met wonder people, see a different culture 

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Bill Metallinos - Album selection 

All Nightscapes
All landscapes under the Stellar objects, Startrails, Milkyway Galaxy, Stellar scapes, Sunsets, Moonsets
Nightscapes Photography
Landscapes under the Stars, Startrails, Milkyway Galaxy, Nightscapes, Stellarscapes
Black & White Photographyy
Beautiful black and white art captures
Landscape Photography
Beautiful landscapes, nature, seascapes
Stellar Traces - Startrails
the rotation of the Earth around the Cosmos..
Deepsky Photography
Deep into the Cosmos
Nebulas, Galaxies, Clusters, Stars...
Moons, Full Moons, Crescent Moons
Art full moon through the telescope
Aerial Photography
Aerial Photography, Landscapes, Cityscapes, Buildings, Seascapes
Real Estate Photography
Professional captures
Our galactic neighbourhood...
Atmospheric phenomena
Lightings, Rainbow, Clouds, Sundogs
Simple red, Sunsets, Sunrises, Landscapes into the twilight zone
Solar Eclipses and Lunar Eclipses
Shooting Stars
Meteors, fireballs, shootings stars...
The Great American Eclipse
USA National Perks - The Great American Eclipse
The Great Latin American Eclipse
National Parks from Chile, Bolivia and Peru.
From Easter Island to Patagonia and from Salar de Uyuni to Machu Picchu and more
Wonderful Peru
Magnificent Bolivia
Rapa Nui
Unique Easter Island
Memories of beautiful people
Seascapes, water, summer, sandy beaches
Infrared Photography
Captures from 720r to 1000r
Underwater Photography
Under the sea...
Wild Life, Nature
Strange creatures, birds, spiders, reptiles, amphibians..
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Corfu Nightscapes latest Cinematography

The Great Latin American Eclipse 4K

Corfu Nightscapes - Unique Corfu, Music: Really Slow Motion - Exusia

Corfu Nightscapes - Mythodea, Music: Vangelis - Mythodea, Movement 1 - Timelapse 4K

Bill Metallinos: American Nightscapes, Timelapse 4K, Music: Dwayne Ford - Dragon Fire

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Corfu Nightscapes

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